Not cosplay related, but I love this woman and what she says on Girl Code, and I feel this is pretty relevant to the plus size part of Cosfluff.

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We will be officially running a panel at Evillecon Sunday from 9am-10am. We don’t know the official room yet though, but if you’re going to Evillecon, it should be in the program by that point. If not, come by the AnimeGravy artist alley booth and we will figure it out :D

briscology asked: I love what you are doing. Keep it up

Love this.

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A question that I get asked all the time is, “But Mango, what if I’m too ________ to cosplay?” Fill in the blank however you want. “What if I’m too fat? What if I’m too black? Too old? Too tall? Too plain?”

At long last, here’s your answer… Find out in this video if you’re lucky enough to be allowed to cosplay!

The lovely Nina/Hythe/Sirene made this great video that I think all of you cosbabies should watch!! 

<3 L2S Cosplay

gold-silver-sunshine asked: Hey! Can you post a shout out to see if anyone who follows this blog will be going to Anime Boston? It would be great to find some other plus size cosplayers! Thanks!

here you go.

Anyone going to be there? We unfortunately will not be as we live way too far away, but perhaps there could be an impromptu meetup? I hope everyone has fun!

where did i put my wigcap

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Series: Street Fighter

Series: Street Fighter


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